Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Youtube + Time = CNC Milling Machine...

We shipped out the first six Mantis 9 machine kits yesterday to locations all around the world.

Thus far I've personally helped everyone that has put together a Mantis machine. But now the machines have flown the coop, so I created a series of 13 videos showing how to get the X, Y, and Z axes completely assembled. The next sequence of videos (in work) will show how to install the motors/leadscrews and leave you with a finished machine!

I've also uploaded photos of the A3982 stepper driver board, and the new 4 axis/spindle controller.

Enjoy the videos, and stand by for more to come.



  1. Do you have a parts list. Its always the little things that are the biggest issues. Like how do you connect those rods. Does someone drill into the ends so you can mount them or do you have some novel method that isn't obvious. I see the bolts and have to wonder :)

  2. Hi, how I can substitute FDS6630?
    IRF7201 (N-Ch) 30V; 7,3 A; 2,5 W; 0,03 Ohm) suitable?

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