Thursday, April 1, 2010

The secret to exactly parallel rods... coming up in a minute ;)

Firstly though, the machines are multiplying!

The new machine on the left is version 9.1 of the Mantis mill.  It has a few design fixes and general improvements over the original machine on the right.

The 9.1 machine isn't going to be the newest for very long though.  Fellow hackers at six of the Fab Academy Fab Labs around the world will be receiving parts kits next week!  The Fab Labs participating are:
  • AS220 - Providence, RI - USA
  • Fab Lab Barcelona - Barcelona - Spain
  • Fab Lab Bermeo - Bermeo - Spain
  • Fab Lab Nairobi - Nairobi - Kenya
  • Fab Lab Vestmannaeyjar - Vestmannaeyjar - Iceland
  • Waag Society - Amsterdam - The Netherlands
All right, on to the feature presentation.
I updated the Mantis 9 wiki page with a bunch of new construction photos and a description of the process used to get sets of axis guide rods exactly parallel.  The best part is that no fancy tools are required, and you don't even have to measure anything!

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