Thursday, March 25, 2010

The future lives!

Today Mantis machine number 9 came to life!

It's first project was a Fabio (arduino compatible) controller like that used in my extruder heater controller.

The board itself came out very well.  V9 has reduced slop in the Z axis, an issue that plagued the V8 and earlier machines.

Notice that the trace edges look very clean with few if any burrs.  The lower right looks especially good probably because that's where I zeroed the mill.  Hopefully after I flatten out the table, the whole board will look like that.

Mantis 9 is radical departure from my earlier designs--- it has parallel rod axes for example, but I think it turned out very well.  Most importantly its the simplest design yet, with only 12 parts!  Also I think it might be the first design completely reproducible without machine tools.  More details to follow soon on the wiki...


  1. Do you have a parts list available?

  2. can you provide the cad files for the stepper motor driver pcb board. I'd like to try and build this as a project.



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