Sunday, March 14, 2010

A glimpse of the future?

One of my major goals for the milling machine project is to design a machine that can be built using only hand tools, a drill press, and a (2D) printer.  Laser cutters, ShopBots, and the like are still few in number and relatively expensive to purchase time on.  I want a machine for the masses, and that means a machine that can be built using the tools that the masses have.

At the moment I'm calling this machine version 9 of the Mantis mill.  Originally V9 was going to be a revision of the V8 mill.  Instead my prototype V9 design is radically different than V8.   It uses parallel rod axes, it's over-constrained, a lot of it is glued together, and at the moment it only has 17 pieces.

Here's a screenshot of my current progress:

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