Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mantis 9 on PCWorld!

The Mantis 9 and Eat your Face are on PC World:

Check out slide 8!


  1. Maybe I'm slow, but I see a lot of information on how to MAKE the bot but very little on how to USE it. Engraving chocolate and cutting through copper sheeting is all I can find. Could I mill an aluminum block flat to within .001"? Drill a whole through a 2" steel block? Basically, what are the capabilities/limitations?

  2. Hey dr

    I believe that the videos and support are for their internal group - looking at the power output of the motor, I would be very suprised if you could cut aluminium at any real speed. Modellers wax and wood seem to be a much better pace for it. They are clearly building it with circuit boards in mind - so it is engineered to that target. You could reasonably use a higher powered high speed brushless motor but you start to put stress on your Y axis.

    As to what you do with it - it is a CNC mill - Either hook it up to reprap style electronics and use it as a repmll - or you could use any of the CNC side of it (Mach3 etc).

    They are just showing you how to make one part of your toolchain. They are not showing you the complete system, nor what to do with it. I would also prefer that they do that, but I haven't got arround to documenting and uploading mine either - so I can't fault them.




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